Combat ration packs called “BPDi”: this is a unique ration pack conception suitable primarily for the eating habits of the Czech Army and meeting the requirements of STANAG standards.

The letter “i” in the name stands for “individual,” which means that if the user is not content with the provided daily menu, he/she can choose different kinds of food to get his/her own individual ration pack. Our professional military ration packs with flameless heaters provide an eating solution for troops in situations in which hot meals cannot be provided. The heater ensures safe heating of ready-to-eat meals and its unique output of heat also enables the user to get warm by applying it to their clothes after taking out the heated meal.

The basic ration pack, in all its versions, is intended for providing the user with food for up to 24 hours for the period of up to 38 days. The ration packs respect national eating habits while affording substantial energy value and high sensory acceptability. The ingredients are adapted to the user’s health restrictions as well as modern eating habits The range of applications satisfies the needs of all kinds of armed forces. The same or similar ration packs can also be used by the rescue services, power engineering workers, and by other NATO armies.

ONEMEAL is based on BPDi but its conception provides an eating solution for individuals in emergency situations. It is suitable for households: in the events of power cuts and natural and other disasters.It is not sectioned in the same way as the military ration pack and its composition makes it suitable for civilians and for the humanitarian sector. Its components also meet the highest quality standards.

The choice of all components of our ration packs is based on our experience of twenty-three years in the area of ration pack development. The production of the individual components as well as the final packaging is carried out in certified (IFS, BFS, ISO 22 000 and ISO 9001 -2015) food industry plants.