The ONEMEAL ration concept is based on providing for catering needs of an individual in emergency or in situations where it is not possible or not easy to prepare a meal in a normal way. It is suitable for use in households – during blackouts, natural disasters and other emergency situations. It is also used in challenging outdoor conditions, in harsh terrain and weather.

The composition of the ONE MEAL ration concept makes it an ideal solution for the civilian or humanitarian sector while ensuring the highest quality standards. Not just the production of the individual components, but also the final packaging takes place in certified food-processing facilities with IFS, ISO 22000 and ISO 90012015 quality certifications.

As a standard, ONE MEAL rations are packaged in high-quality plastic wrapper. We are currently offering up to 64 ready-made meals with a wide range of dietary supplements prepared according to the needs of the customer. In terms of its formulation, the ration offers balanced nutrition, covering the user’s nutritional needs for up to 24 hours. Vegetarian and gluten-free meals are a standard; we can also prepare meals in accordance with the rules of halal cuisine.

The rations can be used on a long-term basis: there are many different variants, including dehydrated rations. The food rations respect modern eating habits and can be adapted to local eating behaviours.

ONE MEAL packaged food rations

Our recipe for success is a high quality of the ingredients, wide range of our ready-made meals, up to 36 months shelf life, and, most of all, storage without the need of refrigeration. The preparation of the meals is also easy – you just heat them up.

Our ONE MEAL foods come with a certified flameless heater. The package may contain also water purification tablets.

The range of use of our food rations is wide – from covering the needs of military forces and rescue corps under the integrated rescue system, power engineering workers, outdoor enthusiasts, or sustenance for households in emergency situations.

We are offering individual fully customized production under private brands, meeting nutritional or regional criteria.